Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Life Is Crazy

Yep, it is official, my life as I know it right now is C-R-A-Z-Y!! I am serious, I never thought at 35 (almost 36) weeks pregnant I would be so exhausted and so busy! I have been subbing at the school for the last 2 weeks, and have one more week of subbing before the baby gets here. I am very excited about this because with all the remodeling, moving, and cleaning we have done and have left to do, I am needing to be home to finish that up. It all has to be done during the week because EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND before the baby is born is full! Yes you read this right, every single weekend has something happening in it. No this is not my doing at all, it is all things that just happened to fall in a row. Between family, Cliftones, weddings, we are booked solid :(.

This kind of makes me sad because I would give anything to get a little weekend rest before the baby gets here and our life changes before our very eyes. All of these events will be fun and have been rearranged because of Reid's arrival, but we are kinda tired. It is a good tired, but a tired all the same.

This past weekend has been a good one, but once again busy and long. It started with Mark and me leaving Thursday night after I got done subbing for the week to go to Dallas. The Cliftones had an event at FBC Dallas where they opened with an accustic set for Jimmy Needham. They did great and it was a lot of fun, especially after a day where I got a pedicure and we went to IKEA to get stuff for "The Loft" a.k.a. the new youth room. Well at about 9:30 we decided it was time to start heading back so we could be up and ready to go to the lake with one side of my family. The family had rented a barge and spent the day playing and swimming. Of course all I could do was sit there and then nap later on, but it was still a good time.

Next weekend after subbing and cleaning the other house/getting a shed/finding a place to do laundry, we are going to Lake Hawkins for the other side of the family get together. We will have fun and enjoy that, and then head back for Church the next day. Then the next weekend after doing all the above (except for subbing) we are having a get togehter with my mom's extended family to celebrate Reid's coming and the new music minister will be here. Then the next weekend Mark is singing in a friend's wedding, which we are very excited about. Then the next weekend I hopefully will either not be pregnant anymore or be very close to not being pregnant.

So yes, as you can see, our life is kind of crazy, prayers for stamina, strength, and good attitudes are appreciated!

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