Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remodeling, Moving, Decorating, and Lowes. . . AKA The Story of My Life for 2 Weeks

So as the long, but very appropriate title says we have done and remodeling job and have moved in all of two weeks. I am posting pictures to kind of show what all has gone on

Here is a pic of Reid's room before

And here it is after (but before the Harleton Shower which is tomorrow):

Here is our room before and then after:

As I said we also did a little remodeling, which included taking out two walls. Mark and my grandfather enjoyed the "destruction". Here are some before and after pics. Left: from the kitchen, right: from the living room.

Next are pictures of after the walls are gone,but before floors (and yes that is random brown carpet that matched nothing):

Now a pic of floors getting laid and of what it looks like as of tonight (remember we just moved in today):

The dogs like it too! Sorry about the quality of the pics, they are from my phone, and Mark has to hang up a light tomorrow in the living room so it is a little dark. I will post more pics of when it is clean and everything is in the right spot.

So yeah, this is what we have been up to, and we actually got it all done for the most part (as I said a few lights to hang and some other odds and ends to complete) thanks to the help from my wonderful parents, grandparents (both sets), and in-laws! I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. I will blog more about it later when I am not so tired and my brain is not so fried.


Chris and Lydia said...

Wow! Looks amazing, way to having things hanging on the walls after only one day. And I love the color you chose for Reid's room! Beautiful!

chelsea jenkins said...

Kristen I can't believe how good that looks! Y'all did such a great job!

Can't wait to see you Friday!!!