Thursday, September 2, 2010

Well Hello Old Friend

Sorry about the hiatus, but the past week and a half or so in the life of Kristen, Mark, and soon to be baby Reid has been hectic to say the least.

For those who haven't heard yet Mark and I are moving. Now don't go too crazy, it's not far, in fact it is just to another staff house down the road a little bit. The reason we are moving is also a good because as of last Sunday our church will have 3 full time staff members for the first time ever. We just hired on a new music minister from Florida to come and be on staff here full time. There has been a man who has volunteered and served as interim music minister for our church for almost 8 years, and we are so grateful for his time and efforts.

Anyway, the new guy also has 3 children. which means his family of five will not fit into a small 2 bedroom, one bath house. Our house we are in right now is slightly bigger with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. It just made more sense that our little family of 2 (almost 3) would fit much better in the smaller house, so we said we would gladly move. Don't think I have been a complete saint, I have pregnancy hormones to blame for that, and the good cry I had about having to move from a house we did some minor work on, but I am excited about this new place. We were able to take out some walls, do some painting, get new floors and appliances, so it will look nice as well. This is going to be a quick move, not just because of Reid but because they will start the move from Florida to Harleton a little after September 19th!

All of that to say sorry for the distance between posts. We went ahead and canceled our internet service so we wouldn't have to pay for an extra month when we weren't even going to be here for the most part of it, so that didn't help matters either really. So yeah, God really has a sense of humor, when it comes to moving an 8 month pregnant lady down the street, and fixing up not only the nursery now, but a whole house. However, my nesting instincts have not allowed me to freak out too terribly much about it, but instead see it as a purging experience lol. I will have to post pictures later of what the house looked like before and what it looks like now. Almost all rooms are painted, floors are being laid at the beginning of this next week, and after that we can start to move in stuff from our house, which should be fun. I am not sure of an official date that we will be over there yet, but I know it will be within weeks. Better than the two days we decided to up and move last time. If you don't know what I am talking about you need to go back and read this post. Oh and did I mention I will be substitute teaching for the next 3 weeks at our local elementary school? Should be a blast.

On the pregnancy side of things I am definitely getting HIGHLY uncomfortable. My hands and feet our swelling, ankles are beginning to ache, places are sore and hurt that I didn't even know could be sore and hurt, heartburn is KILLER, everything is just coming to a head and I think I am starting to hit the third trimester wall, but I don't wanna say that too early because I am sure there is another one coming. We will just call this the third trimester speed bump! So yeah, please pray for me with all of this, that I will take it easy (the last thing I need is bedrest) and that it will all go as smoothly as I am thinking it is going to.