Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Need to Do More

So I am realizing I need to do more for this blog. . . I need to 1. write more, 2. post more pictures, and 3. Figure out how to take away the template. I was dumb and put one of the new templates on there when the templates thing was first introduced, but now if I want to change the blog or add a background, I don't know how to take it off so I can do the former. It is highly frustrating, something I have been trying to figure out for the past two nights with no luck. If anyone knows how to take it off, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Anyway, right now Mark and I are waiting on little man to get here. We are ready and not ready all at the same time. I am ok with him coming sooner on some aspects because I am tired of being so stinkin' uncomfortable all the time. 37 weeks is finally here, and that means to me time to done. . . I know, I know, babies tend to have their own schedule, believe me I know how many of my friends have been induced a week late because their baby was content. I am just still holding out for sooner rather than later. But then on the other hand, I know once he is here life as I knew it will be over and that makes me nervous. Once again it is the same nervous we had right before we got married but on a slightly larger scale. . .

We go to the doctor again this next Tuesday and he is going to check me to see if there is any change (*shudders*). I am looking forward to knowing if there is any difference or if we are anywhere close, but these things are not my favorite thing ever, really I hate it. However, such things are necessary to get a baby here. We also need to travel to town to pick up last minute items, mostly nursing things, and a few other items like a playmat, and bumbo and maybe a moby. We shall see.

One thing for sure


Chris and Lydia said...

I agree more pictures:)

And don't worry about life after he gets here--it will be so much better! It changed for the better after you got married, right?

Check craiglist for a Moby, I found mine on there for 15 bucks. Much better than the 40 that Target charges!

Jennifer said...

Yes I agree more pictures!

Changing the background.
on your dashboard click design
click Template Designer (this will let you choose a new background. If you want pretty backgrounds from websites just choose the picture window template and that should work.)

Need more help just call me.