Monday, October 4, 2010

Not Me Monday

I decided to get a little creative on this glorious feeling Monday morning and do a "Not Me Monday" post.

I am totally not sitting here blogging in an attempt to delay the inevitable cleaning of my house. See I know it is on the verge between a decently short cleaning time or a long one, which should motivate me to get up and get going (while I still have two hands within which to do this).

I have not forgotten to sit out chicken to thaw for supper tonight. That would be irresponsible and not win me any "wife of the week" awards with the Hubs.

I totally did not have a brownie to finish off breakfast this morning. What a pregnant thing to do that would have been.

I didn't just mail out the last of the thank you notes. A good person would have had them done 3 days after they recieved the gift.

I do not have any more things left on my "Finishing the House" list on my fridge. Who would really with the baby coming in two weeks or less, nope not me!

I did not wake up super late this morning just because I could, only to just lay around on the couch and watch morning television, how lazy that would have been!

I have not goofed around on facebook for half the morning either, seriously is there a bigger waste of time? ;-)

I am not leaving the dogs in their cages for now, even though I am home just because I don't want to hear the sound of their nails on the laminate floor, that's cruel (lol).

I have not entertained the idea of going and finding a trampaline to jump on to see if it would make little man get here quicker, what a disaster that would be.

I really am not sitting here thinking of more ridiculous things to write so I do not have to get up and get started. . .

There you have it, Not Me Monday!

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