Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Did I Ever Blog About Before?

Seriously what did I blog about 3 weeks ago, better yet what did I blog about over 9 months ago. Honestly I have no idea! How boring my life and this blog must have been without a little red head to keep it interesting. Here is the latest on Mr. Little Man. . .

The nurse at the doctor's office thinks that Reid has a slight case of colic :-( Yes I know, all moms please do a collective sympathy sigh for me and Mark. Don't get me wrong he is still a good baby, he doesn't scream or cry really at all with it, he just looks so uncomfortable at night, like he is trying to poop and the poor thing just can't do it! So sad to watch! I really wish there was something I could do to help him, but all I can do is hold him and hope he eventually does poop.

So now this is what this blog has come down to, talking about bodily functions haha! Seriously though, he still is the best baby, though he is becoming just a little spoiled. He really hasn't had to fall asleep outside of somebody else's arms, which is making for a little bit of a hard time falling asleep elsewhere when he is at home. But we love him all the same, and it helps when you are so cute that you don't really mind holding him (but this must change soon, I am sure a few months from now that will not be nearly as cute as it is now). Well he is hungry, so I better go and feed him. Hopefully I will be able to add pictures later today!

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Chris and Lydia said...

We're three months in and I still love to snuggle him to sleep:)He's only going to be small enough to fit in my lap for a little while!