Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh Motherhood. . .

Oh the joys of motherhood! You see that is why it took me 3 days to write this post, this post that isn't very long. You can see how no sleep and crying about every little thing (I'm just about sick of this) can really take a toll on a person just by reading through this post!

Yep it is official, Mark and I have the best baby in the entire world! He has been such a joy to have, I mean seriously I don't know what we did before him! He eats, sleeps, and poops, just like he should, seriously, he is SO advanced lol.

I love just sitting and watching him do all the things he does. He can already hold his head up for at least 2-3 seconds at a time when he wants. He is sleeping 3-4 hours at night and takes regular naps during the day, I mean the boy is a champion sleeper.

However yesterday I about lost it. I thought I had made him sick!!!! Seriously the boy was pooping every diaper change, literally, and it really seemed to hurt him, plus he has his first little diaper rash (ouch), and well he was making such awful faces when going potty. Anyway, I called mom to see if she wanted to come over for lunch/ some much needed reassurance, but she didn't answer. Then I called Mark and squalled to him "I think he is sick!" So the best daddy in the whole world comes straight over, takes a look, and tells his hormonal, crying wife that he seems just fine, and if he was sick he would be crying and all. In the middle of all this mom makes her way over to find me distraught and we go and talk.

I tell her I don't feel very good, so that should mean that he doesn't either! After some discussion she goes and takes off the rest of the day at work (I know I have the MOST AMAZING mother ever!) and I take my temperature which is around 100.2! Yikes! We call the doc and all they say is to watch it (thanks for all the help). I end up sleeping most of the rest of the day while my mom cleans my house for me! You have no idea how amazing it was to wake up to a clean kitchen and washed sheets! Seriously she worked her tail off all day, it was the sweetest thing and made me cry just about!

Breast feeding has been the hardest thing of all to deal with. He has a good latch (on one side, that started just last night where he is now not willing to take the other side hmm. . .) and is eating (I know this because we weighed him on mom's weight watchers scale and it said 8.8) but for some reason it is difficult. I think most of all it is just emotionally draining on me. Something about getting no more than two hours or so of sleep in a stretch can really just do a person in. It is hard because I know he relies on me for nourishment and it doesn't matter if I a tired and just want to sleep some more, I have to get up, change him, feed him, fight with him to eat off of one side, and then start the whole process over again in roughly about 2 and a half hours later. I try to take as many naps as I can while he is sleeping, but man it is hard to do at times, especially if I ever want alone time with Mark. I am hoping I can keep it up, because he can do it, can eat fast, and then will sleep, but I just know now that it is not something to be taken as lightly as I did.

So yeah, it is all good. It is still much better to have an outside baby rather than an inside baby. I keep telling myself I could still be pregnant right now! Yikes! Thank you high blood pressure for inducing me, because I don't think I would have made it!

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