Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Almost there

Well we are almost there, almost to the weekend!  I am so happy that Wednesday has now come and gone! This semester is flying by in a flash and I am struggling to keep up with it and keep my head above water.  I am teaching my first of two lessons tomorrow at Harleton in Mrs. Brown's third grade class.  We will be learning subjects and predicates and I am PRAYING  I do ok, I really don't want to screw these kids up for life!  I don't think I can do that much damage, but I really do want to do well.  Pray all my activities work like they are supposed to and the children are receptive to what I have to say. 

I am in the bed right now blogging before I go to sleep because as I have said before this is a release to me of sorts.  Even if I have nothing to say I feel as if I should write something down, if for no reason than just to get the itch out of my system.  Mark is turned away from me snoring away, Wednesdays are LONG days for him and he comes home around 9 exhausted!  He had a throbbing headache when he got home, so he went to sleep earlier today.  I am not tired yet, so this is my something to do.

I always feel so guilty when I write these things though.  I don't know if my friend LeeAnn, who is also in my unit group feels the same way, but I always think I could be doing something more productive for school.  In a way, I am right, but then again not.  It is like I told some friends the other night when they asked if I had any homework I needed to be doing.  I told them "Sadly, there is ALWAYS something I can be working on at any given moment" and it stands completely true.  I should always be doing more lessons, writing more reviews or reflections, doing my technical writing that I have yet to complete, writing lessons for a dumb unit, heck even thinking about lessons for the thing lol.  However, I have come to learn that sometimes you need to just put those things aside (even if just for the 20 minutes it takes to blog) and not think about them at all.  I find that the more I dwell on those things that I have to do that are due later on in the semester the more nervous and stressed I become (duh).  So yeah, sometimes I just have to make that choice.  

Just in case you're wondering, Mark and I are doing well, still loving being married and getting to know each other the longer we are together.  It is so fun to just become accustomed to another completely new person.  There is something to laugh about everyday.  That is what I tell him off and on "I never thought I would laugh with you this much!"  It is such a joy to find joy in one another and it makes me sad to think that some couples don't anymore.  I want to always laugh together, at each other, because of something on the T.V., just laugh.  By the way, Mark is still loving his job at Macedonia Baptist being the assistant (or associate, I never can remember the correct term) worship pastor there.  He has relaxed some about the whole find a job thing, which I really think he needed to do, even if only for a little while.  He loves the kids and enjoys his co-workers so we are blessed.  The latest thing he really wants is a motorcycle!  I am certainly not to keen on the idea, and mind you he wont get one anytime soon, but that is the latest development here.    

So now that I have bored you with absolutely nothing, since nothing has really gone on today, I guess I will let you go.  Please pray for me tomorrow as I teach the same lesson 3 times to the third grade throughout the day!  I think I am going to need it!


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