Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Been a While

Well it has been quite a while hasn't it?  Hurricane Ike came through, and left us with no power and no internet for a couple of days.  I am happy to say it is all now back to normal.  I guess I can tell you about this past weekend though, it was eventful.

We started out on Friday night having 3 different offers to go do things!!  We had already committed to going over to our Sunday School friends' house Thursday night, and were ssoo excited about it.  We went to Philip and Nicole's on Friday evening to play games and hang out.  We ended up staying out there until 1 AM!!  We had a blast just talking, laughing, competing, and learning new games!  We enjoyed getting to see their house and dream a little bit outside our tiny one bedroom. We left Longview with Ike on its way and settled down into a good sleep. 

Saturday morning, after a late start, we got up to the beginnings of Ike.  The winds were picking up and the clouds were moving fast.  We walked outside to find out neighbors, Channin' and Brad standing outside evaluating the storm like we were.  We all decided after breakfast to go over to their house and watch a movie they had rented.  After the movie was over we played on the computers for a little while then went back home for lunch.  They also let us borrow "Sleepless in Seattle" which I have never seen, so Mark and I watched that (can you tell it was a slow lazy weekend).  By this time, the storm was really starting to pick up.  It was raining and the wind was howling!!  We stepped outside again, and decided along with our neighbors (Channin' and Brad, along with Trent, Michelle, and Jodie Trent's brother) to go outside and play in it!  This was so much fun!  We ran up to the football field where there is this steep hill, grabbed a football arm pad thing, and started racing!  It was awesome!  The boys brought a football so they got dirty doing that.  An ETBU staff member drove by and laughed at us saying "I thought married people were supposed to be more mature."  

By the time we decided to head back the wind was so strong that it was making the small rain drops sting our bodies!  When we reached our house we realized we had no power!  So what does that leave us to do, but get together and play more games.  We played Mad Gab until we couldn't see anymore, tried to go and find something open in Marshall (which there wasn't anything), and then headed out to my grandparent's house which had a generator and my family.  

Sunday morning Mark didn't have to go to work, which meant no church, because the power was out there as well.  We began hanging out with family, making breakfast, playing games, that sort of thing.  I got started on a children's book I have to make this semester, so that felt good to get one of my long term projects going.  My parents' electricity finally came back on so we all packed up and went over there until around 9 when we heard our power was back up and running!

Macedonia's power was not back up and running, so as I got up at 7:30 to get ready for class, my husband got to stay in the bed and sleep away the day!  He got the day off that day and was able to spend it running, working out, doing laundry, things of that sort.  I love it when he gets days off, they are just good to have every once in a while.  That night I got invited over to LeeAnn's room to watch a movie around 10.  Adam had just come over and all, but when I told Mark he was like "Kristen go, you are still in college go and have fun."  He was still up waiting on me when I got back!  Isn't that romantic?  Tuesday there was still no power which meant he was home again!  One great thing was that I was home all day as well!  We just got to hang out and sleep in, work out together, have a picnic, just fun stuff!  

That now brings us to today!  I am not feeling so hot as of right now.  I was kept up for most of the night with a hurting stomach!  I concealed my discomfort from Mark until he woke me up this morning before he left to tell me goodbye.  If I remember right I rolled over and went "I'm sick."  He asked me what hurt and I told him my belly did.  He was genuinely concerned and said he was sorry.  He then rubbed my belly until I fell back asleep!  Isn't he just the best man ever!  So caring, loving, compassionate!  I couldn't ask for more, I have far more than I deserve.  I am now going to work on the homework I didn't get done yesterday because he was here.  I think I will be able to have everything done though!  Tomorrow I take the practice Generalist test, a test preparing me for the one I have to pass to get my certification.  Hopefully all goes well!  Congratulations if you made it all the way through without getting board, sorry if this was long and not really entertaining lol.

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