Monday, September 8, 2008

Wonderful Weekends

I have got to say I LOVE weekends!  I cannot tell you how much I look forward to them!  I am sure I have said this in previous posts, but it is so true!!!  This past weekend was a doozy to say the least.  It started with Mark and I going back to Harleton Baptist to help with a little messy back to school bash for the youth!  It was fun, gross, messy, crazy, and everything in between.  I think the kids had a good time so that is always a good thing.  Anyways we left there maybe around ten or a little before, came back, got showered and ready for bed, and were eating a late night snack when my mom called.  

It was around 11 and she told us that Adam had flipped his truck, he was alright walking around, but they were taking him to the hospital just incase.  They had been putting new gravel on the road, and it hadn't had oil put on top of it or anything yet so it was loose.  He had set his cruise control to 55 or so and was 100 feet from the end of the loose stuff when his back tires fishtailed, he over corrected and flipped once into a ditch!!  So we left and went to the hospital where they were all there in the waiting room.  They called him back and mom came out at 1 and told us it would be a while and Adam said to just go home.  They ended up getting back around 4:30 after a CAT scan and x-rays that revealed a broken vertebra in his back (it isn't on the actual spine it is just the little wingy thing which is good).  He is so blessed that it was not worse than that.  He has no scratches or anything, just a swollen back with a strawberry on it.  God kept his hand over him for sure.  

We went out to Harleton to my parents' house Saturday to see everyone and check on bubba.  He was doing good, just sore!  We ate supper and all out there, went and saw my grandmother, uncle, and cousins.  I hadn't been out there in at least a month so it was nice to be there again.  Mark and I looked at each other and said we needed to go out there alot more than we do!  We enjoy being there and regret we doin't go out there more than we do.  I love my family, and I am so blessed to have them!



JenniD said...

Wow, that's scary, but I'm glad he's okay!

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful Adam is ok! Please take you guys.