Friday, September 5, 2008

So happy for the weekend!

So TGIF, thank goodness it's Friday!!  I am sooo happy it is the weekend I cannot even tell you!  I woke up Wednesday thinking it was Friday and I really wished it was!!  This week was ssoo long it felt like it would never come to an end!  Alas, it has, and there is no one here that is happier than I am!  

It seems so funny that the busiest time in my life is the time I actually take to sit down and blog more.  I think I need it as a type of therapy haha!  I have really enjoyed it, I don't know how many people read this, how exciting our lives really are, or anything like that, but I guess I have figured out it is more for me anyway.  

I have been not feeling well this entire week, and let me tell ya, when I don't feel good, I let you know.  So poor Mark has been having to deal with me all week!  He has been so great though, fixing me dinner, telling me I will be ok, telling me I am pretty when I feel horrible!!  He just does sssoo much for me, I have been so blessed by him, so so blessed!

I went out to Harleton to intern again for the second time.  I was alot of fun, and I am really liking being out there for interning as opposed to Marshall.  It is so nice to be in a place were most people know you, you work with people who taught you, and it is just a much nicer and more open school to be in and around.  The kids are great and I really enjoy the third grade.  I have already planned the lesson I am going to do this coming up week, and I think I am ready to do it.  I have to get some other things in order to get it all complete, but not right now, not today I am taking it easy!  Well I feel as if I am babbling so I am going to go and get some rest!

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