Monday, September 1, 2008

September Already!

Yep, it is already September! Where has time gone? Seriously, the year seems to be just flying by so fast!! I am afraid this semester is going to do the same thing! I was telling one of my classmates last week that there seems to be so much work that is due during the semester that it is making it seem shorter than it really is. I am afraid I am not going to be able to accomplish it all! I think that every semester it seems like, and somehow I always end up pulling through, but still it is scary at the beginning.

Today is labor day, a day when everyone should be off of work and out of school, but no, ETBU is gay and classes are happening! Right now I am in the library because Mark and Matt are at my house enjoying their day off playing nintendo! So jealous! I just cannot believe that we have to be here! I'm a little bitter about it if you can't tell! Anyways, so any plans for the holiday went right out the window. However, I am so blessed by an amazing husband, who between the time I left and came back from class (roughly an hour) he had put ALL the laundry in the wash, was hung up our shower rod, and was hanging the closet rod for the rest of our clothes! Talk about being excited, I was sssoo happy!

Yesterday was a great day. We didn't have to be at the church at 8 AM, nor did we have church that night, so we didn't have to be abck at 3:30! We took a LONG nap which was SSSOOO GOOD, at were just lazy for a few hours. When then headed to Longview to a Sunday School get together at Nicole and Phillip's house. We had a blast at our first married Sunday School thing. Mark was talking about it this morning and how this is something we will be doing for the rest of our lives, being at married socials, and how it was a blast!

Saturday we had a great day too! I cannot tell you how much I look forward to the weekends! Seriously they are like gold to me. We woke up late, went over to eat breakfast at Matt and Sarah's, came back and just layed around I think, then got ready to go to Jefferson. We went with Matt and Sarah, and had a great time. I never really think about Jefferson being a tourist town or whatever since I have lived around here all my life, but it really is. I was excited to tell them all about it, what little I knew, and just go and have fun! I got a flat wallet, something I had been wanting for a while, so that was a nice little treat! I will try to remember to posts some pictures later today of the outing! We then ended the day by watching our wedding (my idea of course) and reliving that wonderful day! It was so neat to go back and look and see some of the things we missed!

The looming storms from Gustav are heading our way. ETBU is housing evacuees in one of its gyms, ones that have medical needs. There was also a family of five move in right beside us Saturday night. It made me realized how blessed we are to live where we do. I also got scared and was like "Mark what would we do, what would we take, what would we leave?" I cannot imagine loading up in my car with as much stuff as I could and leaving everything else! I guess I have more of an awarness about it now than I did with Katrina, because I am on my own and older. Sorta one of those, I just now realized I have sorta grown up moments.

Anyways, well chapel hour is almost up and I probably should print out my homework and head to class! Please pray for all those misplaced by the hurricane, especially as it hits today!

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