Saturday, December 6, 2008

Not Wanting to. . .

I am sitting here in Channin's house, procrastinating  about doing my stupid take home finals.  Can I say how much I stinking hate take home finals!  They are so much work, especially at teh end of a very long and tiring semester.  Makes me wonder what my professors are thinking sometimes.  Either way I have a lot of work to do and not a whole lot of time in which to do it in.  I would be farther along than I am right now, but I became deathly ill earlier this week.  
Ok so perhaps I am slightly exaggerating, but I did become very sick earlier in the week, and now it seems like I have a whole weeks worth of stuff to make up, even though I only missed two days worth of classes.  I missed interning and teaching my last lesson, which in turn puts me behind filling out a bunch of papers to turn in for that, I missed doing my chapter responses for Dr. Vickers, and turning in a math notebook and taking a math test!  Yeah, I know, I am totally swamped and I shouldn't be at all!  Oh well, this is how the semester would end wouldn't it?  
Mark and I did put up our first tree!  It was a lot of fun, and a lot of work.  It is cute and small just like where we live haha.  It is fun doing all these firsts with each other.  I am excited about our first Christmas with each other as well.  Ok well I better get back to attempting to do these take home finals so that way I make my life just a little bit easier. 


Lauren said...

I am sitting here reading blogs instead of doing all my freaking take home tests : )

Jennifer said...

I hope that your finals go well and that you feel better this week. I am praying for you both!