Friday, January 16, 2009

Sick Days and Being Married. . .

Well true to the title of this post, both Mark and I have been through the ringer this week as far as illnesses go. It is the first time for me to see him sick since we have been married, but I am getting too far ahead of myself. I called Mark on Wednesday and told him that I blamed him for my runny nose and congested head, even though he denied having anything to do with it! He ended up getting to cut out a little bit early to come home and "take care of me." Little did I know what the night held. . .

When he got in the car he said he started feeling funky, but it was no big deal, and came home and checked on me. Well after about 30 min being home he headst to the bathroom with "bathroom junk" if you know what I mean. So I ask if he is ok, he says he feels a little odd but is fine and lays on the bed. This is highly unusual for my active man, so I knew something was up. After hearing his stomach felt strange I traveled over to Channin' and Brad's to get medicine, got the pink stuff, and went back. I also started looking for something besides our nice, pretty, and new bathroom trashcan for him to throw up in. What I found was only makeshift, but it did it's job, Wal-Mart sacks doubled up. It was a quick fix, and needed because all the sudden he was back into the bathroom and well. . . you get the idea. I felt ssssooo bad that I couldn't do anything to help him, and hearing him broke my heart.

So now at this point it is 10:30 and I am at a loss of what to do. We have NOTHING for this, I mean I didn't even have the pink stuff in my house! I get scared, and so what is a girl to do but call her Mama. I felt bad for the late call, but luckily Mom answered and had compassion on us, sending Dad with 2 Lomatil and a Finagrin (sp?) pill to us at 11. She also said, "This is going around and it is bad. Just prepare for a long night." How prophetic her words would turn out to be. As dad is on his way I look around and finally find something I am willing to allow to get "messy", our mop bucket. . . I know I am terrible, but it heck it is better than Wal-Mart sacks. Dad gets here, gives us the medicine, I get it in Mark, and he sleeps. . . for about and hour or so. I am drifting off to sleep on the couch when I hear him back in the bathroom.

I jump up to go help (as if there is just a whole lot I can do), and the only thing I know how to do is get a wet cold washrag and put it on his face and neck. This continues, and we try the finigrin, which comes up 15 minutes or so after it is taken. I prepare him a toothbrush and he hops in the shower to feel clean and hopefully better. Then we go back to the Lomatil and pink, because that seems to work. By this time it is almost one and I am pooped (he was supposed to be coming home to take care of me remember!). He gets out, and I run his belly (per his request) and wait until he falls asleep. I then go back to the living room couch, and fall asleep around 2.

The next morning I wake up and make it to work a little after 8 feeling as if I am about to die. I kept telling the ladies in my office "I am dying, I really am!" They just laughed at me, which I would have too considering how pathetic I was. In the midst of all this mess there is a bright point. My boss comes through and tell me they changed my financial aid some and asks if I saw it. I said I looked but didn't see anything too different. She said "You might wanna go and look again." I sit down at the computer, pull up my stuff, and low an behold there is a CREDIT in the businesss office! I take it to Mrs. Nancy and said is this what I think it is!?! She said because I neither declined or accepted a certain loan, they did something with it, and in its place they put scholarship money!!! Hallelujah!!! Mark and I owed 1 monthes rent ($480) and $181 for my school this semester. Now there is a credit and I am able to get the one book I lack having for my classes! God is SSSOOOO good and reminds us of that again and again! I couln't believe it! I ran and thanked my boss declaring I work in the "best office in the world!!"

However we aren't done being sick. This was my longest day of classes from 9:30- 3:50 roughly, I would be in a class. Nothin I was too excited about being sick!! I made it through the day, just barely, feeling woozy. By the time I made it back home I was exhausted and sick. I called my wonderful brother and asked if he would go and get us some medicine and drinks for Mark and I at Wal-Mart. He went and got everything we needed! I was so greatful, and thank God I have wonderful family that is so willing to help. I got the meds in me before my sickness started, and after another night on the couch (I didn't want to sleep in Mark's sick germs) I am feeling much better!

We are heading out to Glenrose today for the Cliftones to play a winter retreat. I am so thankful we are both well enough to go!! Mark took today off as well to recooperate, save his energy, and to make sure he didn't contaminate other people. So yeah, here is to sick and being married.


Jennifer said...

I am so sorry to hear that you were both sick at the same time. That is the worst! I am glad that God has shown you Himself through it all. I will pray that you both get healthy and stay that way, because being sick is not fun.

Sarah and Matt said...

Aw, you were both sick. That sucks, but in the future you'll look back on this and smile. This is life. Matt and I were sick at the same time and even though it sucked, we can now see it as an amazing bonding experience. We love you both and miss you terribly!