Monday, January 5, 2009

Last 15 Minutes. . .

Today was my first day back in the Financial Aid Office and boy does it feel good to be back here! I cannot believe I was lucky enough to get my old job back, but I was and remember today why I like it so much! I love the ladies I work with, and besides forgetting a few passwords here or there, it is pretty much as if I never even left! It is great!

However, that still leaves that last 15 minutes of work, when on a slow day, it is just time well wasted. Hence, I took the time to update the good ol' bloggeroo. Tonight will prove to be a good night! First I am going to go home to my wonderful husband and fix dinner and be with him! Then at 6:30 it is time for an overdue get together with part of my unit group at Lee Ann's new place! I cannot tell you how excited I am to see my friends after the break and hear how everyone is. They will also have come back from their first official day of student teaching so that will probably be a hot topic as well.

I was secretly almost happy I was not student teaching today as I was waking up and getting ready at the time when all my friends were probably at their school already. However, I do wish I was with them still. It makes me sad to think about the next fall semester when I will be here, but no one I really know will. . . oh well thank God for student teaching, literally. I wish I could be joining them, but am excited for them. . . more to come later!

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