Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wishing there was something to do. . .

I have been watching HGTV and stuff like that a whole lot here recently. Who knew a light semester would result in downtime?!? Haha!! Anyways, I was looking at all the different places people live/ buy homes, and listening to their reasons for living there, what they like to do, and the hobbies they pursue. Like this one retired couple bought a vacation home (houseboat to be exact) in Seattle as a weekend get away place. They love the water, and really wanted to be on it. At the end it shows them kyacking and saying "you can go out for a morning exercise before breakfast, or ride to lunch accross the water. . ." It made me think, what a cool thing to do! I wish there was something like that around here. A hobby of sorts that people could do and keep up with. Or perhaps muesuems would be nice, or exhibits, or really just anything besides going to the movies or antique shopping (both of which cost money each time you do them).

I called Mark and was like "Lets move somewhere near the water!" But then neither of us could settle on a location we both liked (go figure). So for the time being we are still here in good ol' east Texas! It really is not so bad, I love where I grew up and was never bored at all, but now the years of sports practices and activities are gone, leaving me wondering what else is out there. I would like Mark and I to have a hobby that we could do on the weekends, or when he got home from work, or something of that nature. Something that relaxes both of us, who are spent after a day of work and want to do something for ourselves. Something cheap that isn't just walking around a park or something like that. A real, true, hobby to do as husband and wife. Let me know if you have any ideas, I would greatly appreciate them!!

This past weekend at Glen Rose went amazing! The group of kids were great, as well as the leaders and adults who were there. Everyone was so appreciative and laid back, so that made it relaxing! It is nice whenever the guys are able to get together and not only see and talk to each other, but practice as well. With everyone living hours away from each other, the task of getting everyone to come down at a certain time is not easy. I have also found being the band at a retreat is LOVE!! You are able to do a ministry, interact with kids AND the adults, listen to a speaker and learn something, PLUS you get to go back to your own room and actually sleep! I know, isn't it wonderful!?! I love that I am able to go with them, and they want me there! I couldn't ask for better in-laws. I am going to talk to somebody about teaching me how to play the keys as well, in hopes I can learn enough to oneday help out if needed. . . we will see how that goes, but I am super excited about learning!

As of right now all is well at the Clifton House. We are still in married housing (which seems to be getting smaller by the day), and making it. I looked at Mark yesterday and said "Is it still weird to think that we are married? He said married, not really, but like that I am married, yes that is still odd. I told him it is weird to think that we are actually making it on our own (for the most part, thanks to Mom and Dad for letting me stay on their insurance!) and we are surviving! God is good, we know this and know it well!

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