Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wonderful Thing

Today has been a pretty good day so far. Really a whole lot has not gone on. I got up to the smell of eggs and bacon having been cooked. Mark is doing P90X workout so he has to eat that for breakfast. Anyways I got up because I love the smell of breakfast, but never thought I would get any, I knew the only reason Mark fixed it was because he had to. Anyway, I stumble out of the bedroom, sleepy-eyed, and low and behold there are not one, but TWO plates of bacon, eggs, and toast! Talk about a joyous occassion! I was sssoo excited and perked up real quick! I do have the best husband in the world!

Anyways, so I quickly ate, got ready, and headed to work. I get here for yet another day in the office. Thankfully it is not as busy as it could be and because we are going paperless, a lot less filing! This got me to thinking however what a wonderful thing the mind is. Seriously, I had a few questions of passwords and how to assign certain documents the first day, but literally other than that, I have just jumped back in as if I never left. I cannot believe I remember how to do half of the stuff, it just comes back. God is amazing that way though, to think He made our minds and all that is within them, all the capabilities and everything is just awesome! I am just floored at how intricate the world is and how much more intricate God is than what we actually make Him out to be. I am so guilty of limiting Him to be as that of a human, with human limitations and how wrong I am for that. . .

Mark and I are still doing well. We brought in the new year with Channin' and Brad and are now just waiting on school to start again! It starts on Monday, but I will only have 12 hours, so that is a definite plus. Never before in my college career have I ever taken just 12 hours! It is going to be absolutely amazing!

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